Front Towards Enemy + A Field Guide to Asbestos

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Front Towards Enemy + A Field Guide to Asbestos


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Louie Palu

Front Towards Enemy is a deconstructed photobook showcasing the distinctly different ways award-winning photographer, Louie Palu, documented the war in Afghanistan over the course of five years. The power of Palu's images extend beyond one specific conflict to make a statement about the chaos of war and the ways media influences our perception of armed conflicts.

Released October 2017

Cardboard slipcase with four components: accordion fold image set, soldier portrait cards, newsprint publication, and staple-bound zine. The entire publication can also exist as a pop-up exhibition.
60 images in total
Edition of 750

Photographs by Louie Palu
Essay by Rebecca Senf
ISBN: 978-1-943948-08-6

Louie Palu

In A Field Guide to Asbestos, Louie Palu documents the effects of asbestos on people and the landscape in Canada, the US, India and the UK. In this 15-year-long award-winning investigative project, Palu also addresses the visual aspects of asbestos that are related to fatal diseases that can take up to 40 years after exposure before they appear.

Released April 2019

Photographs by Louie Palu
Essay by Alison Nordstrom, PhD

Softcover, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
72 pages

ISBN: 978-1-949608-07-6

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