tears tears

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tears tears


Serrah Russell

In tears tears, Serrah Russell uses collage as a ritual, a meditation, and an act of protest. Using art as the ground floor, Russell creates a foundation to process her surroundings and experiences, a process which began during a political turn that rattled her and became a life raft to sanity. To tear and to be torn. To mourn and to act. To listen and to be heard.

tears tears is an extension of Russell's 100 Days of Collage project, which was developed as a response to the first one hundred days of the 45th presidency.


Anticipated release late Fall 2019

Collages by Serrah Russell
Essay by Frances Jakubek
Essay by CL Young

Softcover, 8.75 x 6 inches
104 pages
Edition of 350

ISBN: 978-1-949608-14-4
Trade Edition:  $40.00

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