TRACE: A Yoffy Press Triptych


TRACE: A Yoffy Press Triptych


TRACE is part of Yoffy Press' Triptych series and features artists Kota Ezawa, Tabitha Soren and Penelope Umbrico. In each Triptych, three artists are given a word to inspire the creation of a small book of work. The books are sold as a set, inviting the viewer into the collaboration to make connections between the projects and the overarching theme.

The TRACE artists each experiment with appropriation in their practices to explore how we interact with images in the contemporary world.

Expected release, October 2018

Artists: Kota Ezawa, Tabitha Soren, Penelope Umbrico

Softcover, set of three books*
8.75 x 6 inches
each book is 40 pages
Edition of 250

ISBN: 978-1-949608-02-1 (book 1, Kota Ezawa)
ISBN: 978-1-943948-13-0 (book 2, Tabitha Soren)
ISBN: 978-1-943948-13-0 (book 3, Penelope Umbrico)

Trade Edition:  $40.00
*sold only as a set of three

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