Glitch Cat (Morris), 2014 - Jill Greenberg
Gatos (cat-on-chair), 2014 - Dag Nordbrenden
Kitten on the Crack, 2013 - Lex Thompson
Storia di un impieGato, 2014 - Scott Klinger

Joseph Guay

Joseph Guay creates art from bullets, gunpowder, motor oil, shattered high-rise glass and other byproducts of weapons, terrorism and destruction to encourage viewers to question the way we approach the world today. Why are military grade weapons available to civilians? Why are we inducing fear and promoting people to buy guns instead of legislating gun control? Why are we following a constitutional amendment that was written for a society over 200 years ago when our cultural situation has changed? Why do we point the finger at terrorist organizations when we actually deploy more soldiers and kill more civilians in territories that do not belong to us than any other country in the world? Is this a fear based world? In a space of fear and stubbornness… will we all fail as human-beings?

Expected release, Fall 2017

Hardcover, 10x10 inches
114 pages / 50 images
Edition of 500

ISBN: 978-1-943948-10-9
Trade Edition:  $60.00

Jumping Cat, 2013 - Geoffrey Ellis
Saddest Kitten, 2012 - Jamie Campbell
Tiger Bombshell, 2008 - Colleen Cunningham

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