Who We Are


Yoffy is a family name. In Hebrew, it means beauty. To my family, it means a legacy of creativity, warmth and integrity. We hope it means all of these things to you.

To hold a book of art in your hands - a truly beautiful, thoughtful art object - is visceral. A photograph is a story. A collection of photographs is an adventure.

Let's go on a beautiful adventure together. 


What We're About

Our mission is to transform bodies of photographic work into objects of art through an innovative and collaborative approach to photobook publishing. We seek artistic partners who inspire us and projects that amaze us and then leverage our individual strengths to create an elevated, dynamic work of art.

Our values guide everything we do, because we are building something we believe in. 

       * We seek collaborators who are adventurous, passionate and honest.
       * We develop positive partnerships rooted in trust, respect and transparency.
       * We operate with a deep sense of pride and integrity.
       * We create beautiful objects that marry design to content.


Jennifer Yoffy

Jennifer Yoffy is the founder/publisher of Yoffy Press. She founded Crusade for Art in 2013, a non-profit organization whose mission was to engage new audiences with art. Jennifer owned a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta (Jennifer Schwartz Gallery) for five years, and she co-founded Flash Powder Projects, a photographer-focused collaborative venture and publishing company. In the spring of 2013, she traveled around the country in a 1977 VW bus, engaging audiences with photography. Her book, Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers was published in March 2014. The follow-up publication, Crusade For Your Audience: Finding and Cultivating Art Collectors, came out in early 2017.