Flyers and Fox, 2008 - Sarah Wilmer
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Noah Kalina

When we think of beds, we usually think of them as neatly made, waiting to be used. Noah Kalina wanted to undo that, to pull back the covers and sculpt a monumental shape out of the fabric where our bodies would be, and where our bodies have been, as both a still-life (of the materials of sleep) and a portrait (of someone's presence).

Anticipated release December 2019

Photographs by Noah Kalina
Essay by Zach Vitale

Hardcover, 7.625 x 10.25 inches
96 pages
Edition of 500

ISBN: 978-1-949608-13-7
Trade Edition:  $50.00

Jumping Cat, 2013 - Geoffrey Ellis
Tiger Bombshell, 2008 - Colleen Cunningham
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About Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina is a photographer and filmmaker. His client list includes Google, Gucci, and Disney, and his photographs have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Wired, and Le Monde. His two-decade project, Everyday, was parodied on “The Simpsons." He lives in upstate New York with a rooster named Marcel. In his free time, he makes bedmounds.