A photobook can take a collection of images and elevate them through sequence, design, pacing and craft to create an art object that sings, where even the spaces between the images hum.

Yoffy Press is an independent publisher dedicated to pushing the boundaries of photobook publishing. Working in true partnership with artists, we look beyond the book as a container of images, integrating physical and conceptual design to create distinct art objects.


Recently Released

Continuum, a Triptych series featuring Abelardo Morell, Alyssa McDonald & Irina Rozovsky

A Field Guide to Asbestos, Louie Palu (first edition sold out, accepting pre-orders for second edition to ship June 2019)

Too Tired for Sunshine, Tara Wray (sold out)

TRACE, a Triptych series featuring Kota Ezawa, Tabitha Soren & Penelope Umbrico

Havana Youth, Greg Kahn